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Sculpture ears - otoplasty

Ambulance treatment to regain confidence. Suitable for children and adults.

  • Operation protruding or deformed earlobes
  • Easy and efficient solutions aesthetic lack
  • Significant psychological concession
  • The operation has no fundamental restrictions
  • Scars after surgery stays invisible
  • Modern technique
  • Ambulance treatment under local anesthesia
  • Minimal bleeding and edema
  • Very short recovery time

Upstanding ears are relatively common congenital defect, and although not a health problem, but can be for many people a great mental disabilities.

Sculpture of ears or otoplasty surgery is protruding or deformed ear lobes. It is one of plastic surgery, which largely relates to children. The earlobes to operate after the end of their growth, ie after about the sixth year of life, when the child is able to cooperate with the surgeon. A small child is unsuitable surgery. Conversely operations in adulthood has no limit, depends only on the decision to change the look and longer don´t worry with this problem.

An incision is made in the crease behind the auricle and the resulting scar is very discreet, hidden and invisible. After releasing skin surgeon reshapes the cartilage and eventually pulls lobe stitches to his head. The entire sculpture ears takes 1 to 1,5 hours and is performed only under local anesthesia and ambulatory.

The advantage of our method is performed modern minimal bleeding and edema at the site of surgery and recovery time is very short.